Watch On Xbox

In order to watch on Xbox, you will need to download and install MyIPTV Player. It is available on the Xbox app store and can be downloaded freely.

After Installing follow these steps.

Step 1

Click on the Settings and then click on “Add new Playlist & EPG Source”

Step 2

Go to the Remote Playlist section and add a new playlist. Two things are needed here i.e. Playlist name & Playlist URL.

Write NFLHD for the Playlist name and in the URL you enter your own Playlist URL. Chances are you get the playlist URL in the first welcome email pack. If you don’t get it don’t worry. The format of the playlist URL is as follow:

Now you have to replace your_username with your username and your_password with your own account password. For example, if my account username is zayn and password is zayn123 then the URL will look like this:

Step 3

After entering your playlist name & playlist URL click Add Remote List button and MyIPTV Player will save the remote list as shown in the picture below:

Step 4

Go to settings again and in the Select Channel Playlist section, select the newly added playlist and click on the refresh button. Your MyIPTV player will now exchange data with our server and sync all the channels for you.

Step 5

As your playlist is synced with our server now you can select either Live Games or Channels of your preference. see the image below.

Special Note:

This is a third-party app and we do not own it. So every time at the game day, you will have to go to settings and click on the refresh button to bring up the live games. Without pressing the refresh button new games won’t appear on the list. For example, you log in to MyIPTV player on Sunday and click on the refresh button 10-15 minutes before kickoff and all the Sunday games will appear. Now if you login again on Monday and you will notice that Sunday games are still there but Monday game is not present. Go to settings again and click on the refresh button. You will notice that now Sunday games are removed and Monday game is visible.

That’s all, keep your account active and you are good to go.

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